Tips On How To Design Your Website Layout

The website main aim is attract the visitors and keep them interested in products and services which you offering by website. If a website is not easy to use and unfriendly for user they will exit without wasting single minute. Website with too much content, dominating the page detracts the viewers to visit a website. On other hand a simple page look boring and not able to make impress to viewer and not be success to coerce the visitors to visit it again in future. There are lots of things to be done, those gives an attractive look to a website and decrease the bounce. From these things, today we are uncover some useful tips that helps you to design a unique but highly working layout as below:-


Have a Polished, Professional Logo: Logo is an important part of any brand and people recognized easily from it. So always place a logo of business prominently in each page of website. And link it with home page of website that easy to navigate for a visitor. The best place for logo is upper left corner of a page.



Use Intuitive Navigation: Primary navigation options are commonly deployed in a horizontal bar along the top of the site and there is important pages links are placed. Secondary navigation options are always place on left side of the page underneath the main navigation menu bar. You should always set order of page according to the importance of the pages.



Get Rid of Clutter: In present time, it’s easy to see website with overloaded with the too much images that are stop working of brain to process. To keep visitor on a website neglect the use of lot of images, graphics and animated gifs because when you use too much graphics on a website, visitor’s attention wanders and they are being deprived of vital information.



Give Visitors Breathing Room: Keep an enough space in paragraphs and images of a website so that visitors can easy absorb all features of your website which offered by you. When a website design with proper space between paragraphs and images it will improve user experience and also increase returns from website.



Use Color Strategically: You should always use neutral color palette which helps to give elegant, clean and modern appearance to the website and keep it engaged the website with visitors. Here it is important that you always use a color palette that complements with your logo and other marketing materials.

These above tips definitely help to create a well design of a website that gives a professional appearance of your internet business. You should have a look on your designed website as perspective of a visitor of your website and if you feel any type of lack then rectify it for a best response.

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