Benefits of Table Less Website Design

In the world of website design, things are keep changing and it has been going on since the time when it came into existence is the online world. In those days, users mind think about pure content in website and these heart think about aesthetic and graphical qualities. Nowadays internet becomes a powerful tool for global sales and marketing and for if every online business owner force on wonderful look of these website. Therefore they mostly adopt modern method of website design in comparison of traditional table method, which give awesome look to the website. There have lots of benefits of table less website design and form these benefits we are going to uncover some important benefits as below:


Tableless Web Design is More Accessible: Search engines and readers of website are read a website as it displayed in codes. When content accessed left to right, top to bottom, and tables doesn’t always make a sense to the readers. That why HTML 5 recommends create tableless html.


Tableless Web Design is More Flexible: When anyone create website in tables, elements of page need to code in certain way to appear where you want. In other hand if you want navigation menu appear in top and left you can manage it with the help of CSS to define where you want to appear. Whether code can be in end on document. That way search engines and reader find content according to its importance.


Tableless Web Design is Easier: When anyone design a website in table it seem to easier to design. But when it’s come to maintain or may changed in future it quilt difficult and confusing. In other hand with the help of CSS maintenance of a website is much easier compared to tables.


Tableless Web Design is Faster: when anyone coding the website in tables they need to significantly more line of coding. With nested and complex tables accessing content take more time to loading. That means with the tableless web design we can improve load time of a website.


Tableless Web Design is More Search Engine Friendly: With the fast loading time and access content according to its importance website is much search engine friendly in comparison to tables.

Apart of these above benefits there are some other reasons to opt tableless website design such as: a website with tables don’t print well when you want to take printout of any webpage, tables are invalid in HTML 4.01 and not recommended in HTML 5.0.

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