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Killer Mistakes Should Avoid on Your Website Design

Many of visitors are leaving your website, why? As result of research by User Interface Engineering, 60% visitors leave a website when they not find information they seek. Arduous navigation of website paves the way of waste time, cut down productivity, increase frustration and biggest thing loss of repeat visits and money. Usability expert says “Studies of user behavior on the Web find a low tolerance for difficult designs or slow sites. People don’t want to wait. And they don’t want to learn how to use a home page. There’s no such thing as a training class or a manual for a Web site. People have to be able to grasp the functioning of the site immediately after scanning the home page – for a few seconds at most.”

Therefore, it is challenge for designers that not only attract visitors by design but also make easy to use navigation. Here we are going to discourse about top mistakes should avoid on a website:-

Woeful Navigation

Woeful Navigation: Incompetent-designed navigation is most disastrous against a website. Even more when websites are flash based. Flash-based navigation impedes a website from properly indexed by search engines as they are trust on indexing textual content. And neglect having a navigation bar which badly arranged, not clear to read, much big to fit one line that cause of inconvenience.

Poor Content

Poor Content:   Cause of highly use of internet and advance technology, no any place for outdated/poor information. Users get disappointed when they get out-dated information because it simble of carelessness of website owner about enough to update the site, so why should user care to read? Apart from this, in order to be reachable by search engines, it’s most important to update new content regularly.

Auto sound & Ads Pop-Ups

Auto sound & Ads Pop-Ups: Naturally played video and sounds in a website may be irritating for the visitors and also boost loading time of the page. This could force visitors to exit as soon as possible, when the might playing their favorite music on the time of browsing. Moreover having Ads pop-ups not just diminish the guests concentrate on your substance yet it will occupy them to different destinations. As mostly pop-ups are connected with spam so you really don’t want that image to be associated with your website. On second hand, static Ads are heartily accepted by visitors.

Slow Loading Time

Slow Loading Time or Broken Links:  An actuality which every web developer should know is that visitors are so much eager and they hate waiting. Steve Krug once said that “much of our web use is motivated by the desire to save time. As a result, web users tend to act like sharks. They have to keep moving or they’ll die.”  Thus, huge time taking in loading (lot of graphics) and with broken links website loss repeat visit by any visitors.

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Benefits of Table Less Website Design

In the world of website design, things are keep changing and it has been going on since the time when it came into existence is the online world. In those days, users mind think about pure content in website and these heart think about aesthetic and graphical qualities. Nowadays internet becomes a powerful tool for global sales and marketing and for if every online business owner force on wonderful look of these website. Therefore they mostly adopt modern method of website design in comparison of traditional table method, which give awesome look to the website. There have lots of benefits of table less website design and form these benefits we are going to uncover some important benefits as below:


Tableless Web Design is More Accessible: Search engines and readers of website are read a website as it displayed in codes. When content accessed left to right, top to bottom, and tables doesn’t always make a sense to the readers. That why HTML 5 recommends create tableless html.


Tableless Web Design is More Flexible: When anyone create website in tables, elements of page need to code in certain way to appear where you want. In other hand if you want navigation menu appear in top and left you can manage it with the help of CSS to define where you want to appear. Whether code can be in end on document. That way search engines and reader find content according to its importance.


Tableless Web Design is Easier: When anyone design a website in table it seem to easier to design. But when it’s come to maintain or may changed in future it quilt difficult and confusing. In other hand with the help of CSS maintenance of a website is much easier compared to tables.


Tableless Web Design is Faster: when anyone coding the website in tables they need to significantly more line of coding. With nested and complex tables accessing content take more time to loading. That means with the tableless web design we can improve load time of a website.


Tableless Web Design is More Search Engine Friendly: With the fast loading time and access content according to its importance website is much search engine friendly in comparison to tables.

Apart of these above benefits there are some other reasons to opt tableless website design such as: a website with tables don’t print well when you want to take printout of any webpage, tables are invalid in HTML 4.01 and not recommended in HTML 5.0.

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Some Important Steps of Process of Mobile App Development

Smart phone is a revolutionary invention of this technology era, which has changed the definition of Information Technology. And development of mobile apps is also a mile stone, which reduce dependency on different technology based gadgets with fulfill different computing requirements. People use apps in their smart phone for complete different task such as finding nearest top restaurant in town, purchase different items which they need and gifts. For widely use of mobile apps, it’s become great way to promote a business and get more profit with increase sell. Development of a mobile app is not cup of tea there is a process should be follow for developed a successful app, which is below:-


Getting Started the Development: – After the finalized project of a mobile app for your business, its better a hire an experience and professional developer, who implement your plan in better way and manage risks which are associated with your plan. And different strategies are used in development of different type of apps and only professional developer knows which strategy is perfect for your project. After finalized the strategy compare it with requirements of business.


Prepare a Technical Plan Too: – Everyone want that developed app should be in attractive look and its functions work properly. But never ignore technology, support and feasibility for fulfill these things. Therefore developer should always prepare a technology plan which provide best support theoretical design or plan of app. For it plan makers and developers should prepare a technical plan with keep in mind performance of app, security issue, resource-availability, fault-tolerance, technology-stability, usability and so on with the coordination.


Understanding the Target Audience and Their Requirements: – It is essential for development of successful app that takes a peeping in future, what are the requirements of the targeted audience? And only experience developer has futuristic vision about the targeted audience. To accomplish them they include best features of the current orbital applications in your app. They always ask feedback and ideas from users with help of mock-up of their app before actual app development.


Mobile App Development: – At the last now time to develop your app according to platform which you choose. Developer always should developed separate apps and test functionality on different platform such as android app on Android SDK with eclipse IDE, iPhone apps on MacBook Pro with XCode IDE, BlackBerry apps on BlackBerry JDE.

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