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Important Skills for Website Design And Development

In present modern era website is an essential asset for every business. It should be good designed, looking professional and most important user friendly for exhibit business and the services which offered by a business.  With rapid growth of internet market the first impression on the visitors in essential. When anyone going to design and developed a website; then they must have skills of designing and developing a website. Here are going to uncover some important skills for website design and development as below:


Custom Website Design and Development: Website designs are either easy or complex, in some projects it can be done wonderfully or much badly. Simple website is may be easily designed and developed with the simple navigation system, but in present time professional websites are on demand and it requires highly clear basic fundamental in graphic design as well as knowledge of creating website. Previously, the web was spot where anybody could blow a cluster of content and photographs and turn into a genuine player.  Right now, clients are more tasteful, requirements have risen, and professional site outline has turned into the base standard and prerequisite. With the custom website design, a new concept of designing easily comes out from brain. You can create yourself or can also appoint professional web designer, who is skilled of designing 2.0 based website.


Open Source Customization: Open source like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento are ideal for custom web design and development. With the help of open source anyone can add blog, news etc to website in easy way. Open source has less bugs as it pass all alpha, beta release and published a steady version.


Search Engine Optimization: With the help of search engine optimization (SEO) process anyone can increase the traffic on the website. SEO process helps in bring the huge traffic on a website that surely increase profit with grow business of a website. SEO is definitely helps to change visitors into customer/clients. SEO point various type of search, like images search, local search, and video search etc. vertical search engines. SEO process makes a presence of a website on the internet.


Website Maintenance: When a website become online, maintenance is must require. Website must be update time to time. These changes may be simple and sometime may be big like add any event or any functionality to website. You should update website always with the fresh content, which will give long life and popularity to the website. Always try to put creative and attractive features on a website that helps to get huge amount of visitors. Business owner can employ skilled programmer for more creative ideas and functionality.


Web Redesign: Redesign a website is best way to stay up to date according to internet current trend. In the world for internet, give a corporate identity to a website can possible through a well designed website. A superb website design exposes the vision of the organization. Keep in mind, the expanded change and improvement in the online world the website required to reconstruct to prohibit being lost in the crowd. With the help of redesigning of website anyone can raise image of business and makes the website more user and SEO friendly.


Web Hosting: Web hosting service for the website is standout amongst the most important step. Consider it, on the time of when anyone make plan of website design or web development.     There is huge number of web hosting service providers accessible over the web    , but choose them very carefully. Appoint the accomplished and great administration supplier facilitating organization for immaculate support of site.

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Killer Mistakes Should Avoid on Your Website Design

Many of visitors are leaving your website, why? As result of research by User Interface Engineering, 60% visitors leave a website when they not find information they seek. Arduous navigation of website paves the way of waste time, cut down productivity, increase frustration and biggest thing loss of repeat visits and money. Usability expert says “Studies of user behavior on the Web find a low tolerance for difficult designs or slow sites. People don’t want to wait. And they don’t want to learn how to use a home page. There’s no such thing as a training class or a manual for a Web site. People have to be able to grasp the functioning of the site immediately after scanning the home page – for a few seconds at most.”

Therefore, it is challenge for designers that not only attract visitors by design but also make easy to use navigation. Here we are going to discourse about top mistakes should avoid on a website:-

Woeful Navigation

Woeful Navigation: Incompetent-designed navigation is most disastrous against a website. Even more when websites are flash based. Flash-based navigation impedes a website from properly indexed by search engines as they are trust on indexing textual content. And neglect having a navigation bar which badly arranged, not clear to read, much big to fit one line that cause of inconvenience.

Poor Content

Poor Content:   Cause of highly use of internet and advance technology, no any place for outdated/poor information. Users get disappointed when they get out-dated information because it simble of carelessness of website owner about enough to update the site, so why should user care to read? Apart from this, in order to be reachable by search engines, it’s most important to update new content regularly.

Auto sound & Ads Pop-Ups

Auto sound & Ads Pop-Ups: Naturally played video and sounds in a website may be irritating for the visitors and also boost loading time of the page. This could force visitors to exit as soon as possible, when the might playing their favorite music on the time of browsing. Moreover having Ads pop-ups not just diminish the guests concentrate on your substance yet it will occupy them to different destinations. As mostly pop-ups are connected with spam so you really don’t want that image to be associated with your website. On second hand, static Ads are heartily accepted by visitors.

Slow Loading Time

Slow Loading Time or Broken Links:  An actuality which every web developer should know is that visitors are so much eager and they hate waiting. Steve Krug once said that “much of our web use is motivated by the desire to save time. As a result, web users tend to act like sharks. They have to keep moving or they’ll die.”  Thus, huge time taking in loading (lot of graphics) and with broken links website loss repeat visit by any visitors.

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Benefits of Table Less Website Design

In the world of website design, things are keep changing and it has been going on since the time when it came into existence is the online world. In those days, users mind think about pure content in website and these heart think about aesthetic and graphical qualities. Nowadays internet becomes a powerful tool for global sales and marketing and for if every online business owner force on wonderful look of these website. Therefore they mostly adopt modern method of website design in comparison of traditional table method, which give awesome look to the website. There have lots of benefits of table less website design and form these benefits we are going to uncover some important benefits as below:


Tableless Web Design is More Accessible: Search engines and readers of website are read a website as it displayed in codes. When content accessed left to right, top to bottom, and tables doesn’t always make a sense to the readers. That why HTML 5 recommends create tableless html.


Tableless Web Design is More Flexible: When anyone create website in tables, elements of page need to code in certain way to appear where you want. In other hand if you want navigation menu appear in top and left you can manage it with the help of CSS to define where you want to appear. Whether code can be in end on document. That way search engines and reader find content according to its importance.


Tableless Web Design is Easier: When anyone design a website in table it seem to easier to design. But when it’s come to maintain or may changed in future it quilt difficult and confusing. In other hand with the help of CSS maintenance of a website is much easier compared to tables.


Tableless Web Design is Faster: when anyone coding the website in tables they need to significantly more line of coding. With nested and complex tables accessing content take more time to loading. That means with the tableless web design we can improve load time of a website.


Tableless Web Design is More Search Engine Friendly: With the fast loading time and access content according to its importance website is much search engine friendly in comparison to tables.

Apart of these above benefits there are some other reasons to opt tableless website design such as: a website with tables don’t print well when you want to take printout of any webpage, tables are invalid in HTML 4.01 and not recommended in HTML 5.0.

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Some Important Steps While Creating A Multilingual Website

Online presence of any business has lot of potential of attract global clients which is backbone of any growing business. Since the internet has become popular for shopping, business owners should pay attention on their online activities with multilingual web development. In present time online businesses owners have realized about the importance of create such a website for all people not only for english speakers. With the focus on other language, they can increase their customer list in easy way, which is milestone in business growth and helpful for deep inroads into the market. Translate a website into various language is important undertaking and need to lot of preparation for creating a multilingual website. When anyone creates a multilingual website then result should be according to cost and efforts.  So here we are going to discourse about important steps while creating a multilingual website as below:-

researchDo Some Research Work: Before start develop a multilingual website, should do some research work to find which languages are have best opportunities for your business growth. Evaluate the business competition and determine the marketplace for your business products and services demands. To get information about most used language can use tools.

DesignDesign The Site Keeping in Mind Translation: Your site design is responsive as helpful to attract more and more customers by using various devices and you should make sure it. And include all aspects like graphic design, coding and writing. When you website is not responsive, then you should consider that your multilingual website will be responsive for different devices.

AssessmentGet a Pre Translation Cultural Assessment: It can help you to detect if there is any content or design element that cause of difficulty for translation either for cultural reasons or because of technical issues.

PartnerSelect The Right Language Partner: This is most important that your translation partner should be experienced in site translation and know how to deal with the code involved. Language partner should interact with the developer to work out the process for translation based on site size, used CMS and technical factors.

MenuLink The Sites Through Language Menu: You give permission to visitors to pick their preferred language and for it make a simple list of languages links if language are few or create drop down language menu. Avoid use of flags to indicate language.

SEOGo For International SEO: When your multilingual website has completely created, make sure that your potential customers can find your website on their local search engines. Therefore you should consider to multilingual SEO as you would do for any local site.

Multilingual website are best for business growth, but one single wrong step while creating them can waste you money and time both.  So adopt best source for complete your plan and international success.

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Tips On How To Design Your Website Layout

The website main aim is attract the visitors and keep them interested in products and services which you offering by website. If a website is not easy to use and unfriendly for user they will exit without wasting single minute. Website with too much content, dominating the page detracts the viewers to visit a website. On other hand a simple page look boring and not able to make impress to viewer and not be success to coerce the visitors to visit it again in future. There are lots of things to be done, those gives an attractive look to a website and decrease the bounce. From these things, today we are uncover some useful tips that helps you to design a unique but highly working layout as below:-


Have a Polished, Professional Logo: Logo is an important part of any brand and people recognized easily from it. So always place a logo of business prominently in each page of website. And link it with home page of website that easy to navigate for a visitor. The best place for logo is upper left corner of a page.



Use Intuitive Navigation: Primary navigation options are commonly deployed in a horizontal bar along the top of the site and there is important pages links are placed. Secondary navigation options are always place on left side of the page underneath the main navigation menu bar. You should always set order of page according to the importance of the pages.



Get Rid of Clutter: In present time, it’s easy to see website with overloaded with the too much images that are stop working of brain to process. To keep visitor on a website neglect the use of lot of images, graphics and animated gifs because when you use too much graphics on a website, visitor’s attention wanders and they are being deprived of vital information.



Give Visitors Breathing Room: Keep an enough space in paragraphs and images of a website so that visitors can easy absorb all features of your website which offered by you. When a website design with proper space between paragraphs and images it will improve user experience and also increase returns from website.



Use Color Strategically: You should always use neutral color palette which helps to give elegant, clean and modern appearance to the website and keep it engaged the website with visitors. Here it is important that you always use a color palette that complements with your logo and other marketing materials.

These above tips definitely help to create a well design of a website that gives a professional appearance of your internet business. You should have a look on your designed website as perspective of a visitor of your website and if you feel any type of lack then rectify it for a best response.

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Some Important Elements Of A Good Website Design

Plan a good website is must for success of any online business. A website is a store, office factory, place of business, when you can be available for everyone from over the world 24×7. It’s a hard time for anyone when they going through process of create a website design for their business. Especially that situation is most difficult when anyone have not much knowledge of web design. There are some elements which make any website good and successful. Make a website plan with these simple elements could probably attract lot of traffic on a website, increase sale and many more that a website owner want. Here we are discourse about these critical elements which have to close attention on time to plan website design for any business website as below:-


Simple Navigation: – First of all should pay a proper attention on clean and simple navigation set up of a website. That creates a conducive environment to a website visitor which helps in access different pages/ section of a website in most easy way. If a navigation of any website is not be simple to understand how to use, visitors will hit exit button fast.


Not Too Many Graphics: – A website should not keep huge amount of graphics and images. Just keep it in mind that everyone does not use high speed internet or use same type of browsers. When any website has many images or graphics it could to take lot of time to load properly and in that case visitor may be hit return button.


Keep Paragraphs Short: – Tend says that people makes distance from the long content. They all are busy and do not have time to read all content of a website. Mostly long paragraphs not read by visitors as it takes too much effort. So try to make short sentences and keep important things in it.


Avoid Using Scripting Software: – Use of lot of scripting languages to put visual effects will slow down the loading speed of website or may crash any browser. That reason many people do not visit website and they miss important information. Which is not good sign for a business.


Compatibility With Other Browsers: – A website should comply all web standards and can view on all web browsers. This is important for every business so make sure that everyone who has internet connection can access your website whatever browser they have.

With implement of these elements everyone get good website design to boost their business. Never should forget main aim of a website that is give good user experience to your website visitors. Business website is not for fulfill anyone’s designing wishes so don’t include complicated things unnecessarily.

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Steps Choose the Right Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System widely used by company for manages their website. Some CMS administrators are complicated to understand and expensive too but some other are easy to use and cheaper in cost. Actually content management system is a process of maintain content of website whether you want to add some content or update something. Through which website update done more effectively and quickly. Before implement a website with CMS, it must to think about its needs. If a website is fairly small then there is no need of content management system and other hand a website has lot of number of pages or sections which need to update on routine basis then there is good CMS must.

CMS implementation should be done with a clear objects and keep the requirements of a website in mind for become ensure about the success of implement. So have a look on some important practice that everyone should do before deploying a CMS for their website as below:-


Define CMS Goals: – First of all fixed the goals of business which want to achieve. And these goals should be according to productivity, efficiency, quality, ROI.  In lack of clear vision of business goals, CMS is more likely to fail.


Evaluate the Content Information Landscape: – The second step is gathering detail information of your content information landscape. In addition to technology, you should keep in mind how process, business rules. With these details, parameters can be define for CMS selection. Always should choose that CMS which is easily integrate with multiple system that effect your business goals. Conclusion is this that doesn’t choose a CMS before properly defined your business requirements and by doing this you can save your time and resources both.


Select the Right CMS Solution for Your Organization: – Select right CMS with consideration; Easy in use for a normal user and IT administrator both similar any other business application because the success rate of any CMS is always depends on its adoption by a user community. Any subject expert without any technical knowledge can comfortably work on it and achieve that look and feel which they want in content presentation and on other hand IT administrator can easily enforce policies for multiple website with use of a single console. Determine responsibilities of each and be ensuring that CMS become fulfill requirements to meets their responsibilities.


Involve All Critical Stakeholders: – The support of management play an important role in CMS implementations, in same way participation of internal stakeholder is also crucial. These content should be identified by owner and their feedback is must for leverage or customizes the system. Involvement of non technical SMEs in design of CMS will help in reduce disinclination to use of system.


Don’t Forget the Services Aspect: – The real work in any CMS is begins after its launch. There is need to implementation on beginning levels. Changes are constant with most of website so your CMS must be flexible according to your business, whether it may be simple change in template or may be redesign. Therefore you must be alert about the services which will provide by your internal IT department, web agency or software vendor. For some organizations who have an own dedicated technical team that is not a big deal, but who don’t have a dedicated team implement cost is important for them.


Plan for the Future: – You must be preparing for future how much changes will need in CMS in futures and how much you prepare for them. You should choose that CMS partner/vendor who has technological bandwidth and capability to quickly capitalize on emerging communication media.

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Some Important Things Every Mobile App Developer Should Avoid

In the success of a mobile app its development and its marketing strategy play an important role. A developer who is great in programming and has technical abilities can develop mobile app after get a proper training of mobile app development. Even then they should pay attention on difficulties which comes during mobile app development.  If they do not, then they ready to pay big amount of their muskets with failure of app on app store. If anyone also develop mobile app and want to neglect this type of incident then they should always avoid some mistakes, which are as below:-


Including Too Many Features: – Mostly developer thinks that if they use extensive features in their mobile application it would be instant popular. However it is not right that involve lot of features in first launch. A user become confused to understand which is useful of them or which is not. A mobile application should be simple, user-friendly and purposeful. Eventually users prefer that which is understandable and simple in use. With the use of lot of features mobile apps lose their purpose.


Developing on Multiple Platforms in the First Go: – Developer should avoid develop applications for multiple platform on the same time. They should focus on single mobile platform after it goes to other. If they feel any changes in future and they implement in all platforms, then its time consuming and cost also become high. Therefore they make a well-thought strategy of launching, launch on one platform after it release on other platform.


Focusing Everywhere Other Than on the User Experience: – Developer always should keep user in center on the time of mobile app development. It is must to focus on user experience because users find the app which is simple, easy to use and attractive.


Not Keeping Room for Flexibility: – A developer always tries to develop this type of mobile application which can be easily updated. Upgrading is a continuous process therefore app should works well in newest ungraded versions. They should ensure about application works efficiently and flawlessly whether mobile operating system would be ungraded several times.

If a mobile application is not flexible about upgrades, it will be fail and become unusable after certain time period.


Improper Monetization Planning: – Planning about monetization of a mobile application is such a difficult task. Lot of developers plan about monetization from ads and users will pay for their apps but they become failing. They always should use two version of their app; one is free and second is premium for continually adding additional features or even app purchase option. They also placed ads of their apps on popular apps, which helpful to earn some revenues.

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